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Leadership Lessons and Strategies to Improve Your Performance

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Transformational Leadership Strategies

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Highway to Leadership Success

behaviors, beliefs, conscious leadership, leadership success, Ramonda Kyser, self-awareness

To Risk or Not to Risk?  That is the Question.

With apologies to William Shakespeare, just “being” is not enough to drive success in today’s competitive world.  Success requires much more than just “being”. It requires one to take risks. But, what holds you back from taking risks and moving your career to the next level?

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level:

conscious leadership, development strategies, feedback, growing your leadership skills, Sally Woods

Making Leadership Strategies Second Nature

Did you commit to taking your career to the next level this year? If so, can you honestly say that you have integrated any new leadership skills into your daily routine to the point where they have become second nature? If you have not, now is the time to take action so you can meet your personal and professional goals this quarter and this year.

Three Leadership Lessons on Two Wheels

leadership lessons

One of my favorite ways to stay in shape and manage the stress of work and life is to use my weekends to explore the multitude of mountain biking trails within a few hours drive of my home. Not only is it great exercise, it’s great fun, it allows me to visit new places, and it gets me where I love to be – outdoors.

Create Tangible Benefits for Your Organization: Practice Mindfulness

executive development,employee engagement,leadership mindfulness

Is one of your organizational problems retaining motivated employees? Did you know you can reduce turnover and help employees stay more engaged by acting like a Yogi? I am not suggesting you sit on a mountainside burning incense and chanting a mantra, but recent research has proven developing the attitude of mindfulness could create tangible business benefits for your organization.

Effective Leadership: Good Leaders Know How to be Persistent...

effective leadership, great leaders

...but Great Leaders Know How to Quit!

When you read the title to this blog you probably said to yourself, “This guy is nuts!  Since when is quitting a quality of a great leader?”  Well, read on and see if you don’t agree with me.  

ACCOUNTABILITY: Breaking the Victim Mentality Mode!

victim games

“You might be a victim if_________”

How leaders can help their teams break out of the victim mentality mode and succeed more.

We all play the victim from time to time, but when it becomes a deeply ingrained behavioral habit and becomes our modus operandi, then it can obviously impact not only our own personal success, but the success of our team. So, when you can find ways to eliminate or, at least, reduce victim behavior on your team, you will likely experience more productive team meetings, less team conflict, and greater collaboration.  

Accountability: From Commitment to Action

accountability, Roger Cole

As I was staring at a blank computer screen today trying to write my fourth blog on accountability, my mind began to wander. I soon found myself recalling one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. 

The Zen of Leadership Awareness

employee engagement

How to Get Better Results by Being Less Attached to Specific Outcomes

We have all sat through “that meeting:” the meeting where a high stakes decision must be made, the leader is soliciting input on what should be done, and yet, he is not fully listening to or understanding the concerns and suggestions being raised. Emotions run high, the meeting runs long and a great deal is said, but nothing new is decided. In the end, the leader goes ahead with the plan he already had in mind and the meeting participants feel frustrated and “unheard.”

Be the 101st Best Place to Work and Create Higher Employee Engagement

Be the 101st Best Place to Work and Create Higher Employee Engagement

My client was apparently already planning their fireworks celebration.  “We want to be ranked as one of the top 100 best companies to work for,” he exclaimed. “The top 100 get all that great publicity and are affiliated with business powerhouses like Qualcomm, SAS, and The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts.  We would be crazy not to go for it!  We already have many initiatives focused on our employees, so how hard could it be?  We’re going to go for it this year!” Oh, I hated to be the rain on his fireworks. “Hold on a minute!” I said, ready to duck.  “Maybe you don’t need to be on the list.  In fact, maybe you shouldn’t be on the list.

Using the Rumi Factor to Create Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Using the Rumi Factor to Create Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

“Be the one that when you walk in the room, luck shifts to the one who needs it.”  That’s a quote from Rumi, my favorite 12th century poet.  Have you ever known anyone like that?  Someone who just left you feeling better when they were around; like things were just going your way?  Have you ever been that person?  Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What does this have to do with leadership?” The answer is simple; everything.  It has everything to do with leadership.

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